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Year 10 Academy

The Year 10 basketball subject is an advanced class aiming to further develop the technical and tactical aspects of the game. This class is recommended for students wishing to participate in the USA tour that the College embarks on every second year. Find out more about the USA tour click here.

Students receive specialist coaching from the Academy coaches Matthew Paton and Daniel Stratford, together with a host of other highly qualified guest coaches including S.A. Basketball Development coaches and Mount Gambier Pioneers players and staff.

Together with the practical on court skill development, students will also complete a sports administration unit within the theory component of the subject. This unit looks at the various career opportunities within the sports industry and aims to motivate students to pursue other career options rather than just becoming a professional athlete. Students learn skills in marketing, promotion, I.T., design, sports management and many other sports related concepts. Students will also undergo a Level 0 coaches course and will complete a number of coaching sessions with younger students.

The Year 10 course acts as a perfect lead in class for those students wishing to continue their skill development while also pursuing higher levels of basketball in the Year 11,12 and 13 academies.

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